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June 28, Eblast

Posted on : 07 July 2016 By In Latest eblasts

Emmanuel Family and Friends,

Thanks to all the folks who came out for our Spring Cleaning on May 28th.

Emmanuel’s Family Day 2016:  Get ready get ready for the “E’s” Annual Family Day event. Deacon candidate Cedric Pelt and his wife Annie are our chairpersons for this year’s Family Day on July 30, 2016, from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM.  Our Theme is (EMBC) “Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church 5 Star Family- Resetting for Greater.

This is going to be a great time for our church family, friends, and community to come together to fellowship in the name of the Lord!  We are asking all members to bring their favorite dish to share during the picnic.  Please let Karen Robinson know which dish you will bring.

We will order T/Shirts and the colors are Royal blue with gold and silver accents.  Dee Samuel and Kim Finch will be available to take your order. Orders need to be made As Soon As Possible in order to have them back in time for the picnic.  We are also excited about our gift donations (we still need more), as well as our games and other activities planned.   We’re really excited about our Dunk Tank.  If you want to get a shot at dunking one of the leaders (not Pastor, he’s already made that clear (LOL), the dunk tank will be here at the picnic.

Intercessory Prayer:   Are you in need of prayer?  There are many opportunities to join the “E” for intercessory prayer. Did you know we still have intercessory prayer Monday-Friday mornings from 5:30am to 5:45am and then on Sunday mornings at 6:30 at the North Campus and 9:00 at the South Campus.  Everyone needs prayer including YOU!  Join us as our ministerial team prays for our members, the sick and shut-in, people on our prayer list, and more.  If you have a prayer request, please call the office at (719) 635-4865 and leave your requested information.  The prayer line number is (302) 202-1110, and the six digit code is 727362.  We need your help interceding!   

Graduation 2016:  Congratulations to all our graduates and scholarship recipients.   Our Moses. E. Ford recipients will receive $3000 toward attending college next year and then a $750 per year stipend while they are in college as long as they meet the requirements.  Congrats to Jalen Jordan, the recipient of the Lacey B. Ivory Scholarship winner.   A big thank you goes out to Jonathan Koonce for bringing the word and encouraging our students to continue to press toward the mark.  What an inspiring message.

Pastor on the Move:   Thompson was busy again in June attending the Hampton Minister’s Conference followed by the KBGF Conference in Houston, then the Music Evangelism Foundation (MEF) here in Colorado Springs.  Pastor preached twice during the MEF and the VOT sang on Tuesday, June 21.

KBGF:  Everyone attending the KBGF conference talked about how blessed they were to have that opportunity.  We are contemplating how we can make some of that information available to the ones of us who did not or could not attend.  Standby for more information.

Birthday:  Guess whose birthday is July 7th, no, not mine but our very own Pastor Thompson.  I’m not going to tell you how old he is but let’s just say AARP contacted him more than 6 years ago.  Please wish him a Happy Birthday and show him some love on July 7th.

Holiday and Office Closure:  Monday, July 4th is Independence Day and the office will be closed, and there are no evening activities.  Enjoy the holiday weekend, and be safe in all your activities.

Financial Stewardship Training:  For those of you, who signed up for the Dave Ramsey FPU Kits, don't forget Sunday July 3rd is the deadline to pay your $25 deposit for your kit.  Full payment can be made any time before class starts on September 9, 2016. Please see Sister Betty Shepard for more information.   

School Supply Drive:  Women’s Ministry School Supply Signup and Donations goes from June 5th   - July 23rd and will culminate with the supplies being distributed at the Annual Family Day event.  If you are in need of supplies please sign up in one of three convenient locations (North Campus reception office, EAC, or South Campus).  Supply donations can be placed in one of the boxes in the vestibule at the south campus or in the multipurpose room of the north campus.   If you wish to make a monetary donation please see the office staff, Sis Georgette Mack, or Sis Jennifer Rivers.

Media Equipment:  The new media equipment has been installed and you can see the difference in color and clarity.  We still need to purchase and install a couple digital cameras and that work will be starting soon.  Streaming is on the way soon!  More to follow.

Fence Installation:  Fence installation should be starting within the next week and will be completed before the Annual Family Day.  Once the fence is completed we will be purchasing the golf cart we discussed in the May Eblast.  

Vacation Bible School (VBS) was a success and attendance as always continues to amaze.  Thanks to all the attendees and teachers for coming and sharing.  Looking forward to next year.  

Church School:  Our Church School is looking for individuals who have a desire to serve God and the Church by reaching out and connecting with all our members to encourage active participation in fellowship, activities and the work of the “E”.  If you are gifted in these areas please contact Kathy Elzie @ 719 533-1470 or 719 244-5900.  There is also a sign-up sheet at the reception desk.

Décor:  The silk plants have arrived and are in place at the south campus.  Also a big shout out to Georgette Mack and the Décor Ministry for planting the beautiful flowers at both campuses.  Continue to look at the back of the monthly calendars for more ways you can help and donate or contact Sister Georgette Mack (719) 650-3269.

Bereavement:  Please continue to be in prayer for all our Emmanuel members and friends grieving the loss of love ones, some of which include: Sister Georgia Bivens, Brother Trevor Burnley, Deacon Candidate Zatic and Kim Finch, and Deacon Henry and Rev Caron Allen.  Remember, if you lose a loved one, please call the administry office and they will inform the Bereavement Ministry who will contact you.

In His Service,
Deacon Kervin Mack
EMBC, Interim Director of Operations
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