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Welcome to FuturE Children’s Church

Sister Tasara Fudge, Ministry Leader
Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Children’s Church is an age-specific program designed to reveal eternal truths of the Gospel to our younger EMBC members. Age groups include ages 3-5, 6-8 and 9-12. Our vision for our Children's Ministry is to assist parents in the study of Jesus Christ leading to the child's salvation, a personal devotion time, spiritual growth, daily application of God's Word to their lives, and evangelism, through sound biblical teaching and Christian adults who will pray with our children. "Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it." --Proverbs 22

Our Goals

  • To help children trust Jesus Christ as Savior, and submit to Him.
  • To teach them how to apply the Word to their daily lives.
  • To help each child discover their God-given potential through Christ-like attitudes, servanthood, and discipline.
  • To instruct, encourage, and help guide them into freely worshipping and praising our Lord Jesus Christ.
  • By the time your child has turned 12 years old, our goal is that he/she will have learned the following:
  • Understand and experience God’s everlasting love!
  • Begin a personal relationship with Jesus!
  • Know how to understand and apply the Scriptures!
  • Experience daily intimacy with God!
  • Have an awareness of their personal calling/purpose!
  • Experience the presence of God through Praise & Worship!

Paging System

FuturE! uses a paging system. When you sign your child in, one pager will be given per family. Pager must be presented when you sign your child out.

Children Who Will Not Be Able To Attend:

Children who are too young!
Children who are sick!
Children who are asleep!
Children who do not want to participate!

Age Groups

eKids programs are custom-tailored for the following age groups:

Preschool Children- 3-5
Our desire is to create an atmosphere where children can genuinely experience the presence of God through worship. Each classroom will feature lessons geared just for them. Our programs are specifically designed to speak to the hearts of children in such a way that their eKids experience is the most exciting and enjoyable hour of their week!

Middle 6-8
Our commitment is to help you as parents lead your children into daily intimacy with God. We don’t want to simply tell your children about God’s Love, but we want them to experience firsthand how much He loves them. We are also committed to helping you equip your child to study and to apply the word of God to their daily lives. We want to see your child put the Word of God into action and make it come alive in their lives and in their hearts!

Youth 9-12
Our goal is to minister to the spiritual needs of our children through a Christ-like attitude and servanthood. Our desire is for our young people to reach young adulthood and decide to follow Christ. We want to prepare them to accept Christ as their Savior. We are here to establish a healthy future, which is essential to their spiritual walk. We want the children’s faith to grow through studying and learning of the greatness of God as well as understanding their need for salvation. At this level, we are teaching more in-depth Biblical truths. We are promoting healthy discussions which we hope will stress personal application of the truths taught.

We will conduct semiannual graduation ceremonies for all of our youth transitioning to the next level. Each classroom has a color representing the level of relationship and growth in God! This provides the children an opportunity to move with their peers and enjoy the excitement of “growing up” a bit more!

Guidelines for Parents

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About us

Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church is one of the most Influential churches in Colorado Springs. Emmanuel's vision encompasses a progressive and wide-ranging doctrine, stressing spiritual and personal growth, arts and humanities, and compassionate community outreach. Under the leadership of the church's Senior Pastor, The Reverend Cleveland A. Thompson, Emmanuel has evolved into the model of progressive thinking within the traditional African American Baptist church.

About us

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North Campus:
Address: 3615 Vickers Drive Colorado Springs, Colorado 80918
Phone: 719-635-4865 ext. 110
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