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General Infomation

Booking, Emergencies, Sermons...

Booking & Appointments

To schedule an appointment with the pastor, please contact our Executive Administrator, at Extension 110, 719-635-4865. Please note it is necessary to ask about the nature of your visit so to best prepare the Pastor for a more productive meeting. All information is confidential.

Visitors arriving at the church during office hours, please report to the AdMinistry Office for your appointment with Pastor Thompson. Someone will greet you and escort you to the Pastor’s office.

“The fact that nobody encourages you in doing what you know God wants you to do is no reason for your not doing it.”

– Bishop Cleveland A. Thompson

Ask the Pastor

If you have a non-emergency personal need or inquiry for Pastor Thompson, you are welcome to send a message directly to him. Please click here. Please do not submit booking inquiries, sales or promotions. Please be respectful of the pastor’s office and do not add this address to any mailing lists.

Prayer Requests

Prayer requests can be sent via the form in our vestibule, posted online, faxed to the church at 719-635-3522 or placed in an offering basket during worship services.

Emergency Requests

In case of death in your family, sickness or special prayer request. Please contact the church office at Extension 110, 719-635-4865.


Play Pastor Thompson’s sermons on demand anytime by visiting our media site, erbody.Org. Adobe® Flash required.

Booking Inquiries

To invite Pastor Thompson to your event, please send a written request to our Director of Staff, Sister Shawndell Thompson, c/o Emmanuel MBC, PO Box 1824 Colorado Springs, CO 80935-1824. You may also fill out our online form by clicking on the button below.