Family Support

In challenging times, stress can become overwhelming, leading to anxiety, depression, and any number of physical or emotional illnesses.


Our mission is to serve God by providing support and encouragement to our Emmanuel family, to strengthen families by effecting change in the everyday lives through counseling and education in wellness, family relationships and personal finance.

About Family Support

We are serving God and His church through timely and accurate administrative functions. We are staffed with full and part time paid staff members and part-time volunteers. Emmanuel supports a wide range of ministries and community outreach programs, as well as partnering with local civic organization such as the NAACP, The Urban League, The Southern Colorado AIDS Project and others. AdMinistry, headquartered in the church office, is the “nerve center” of EMBC’s ministry, encompassing a wide range of administrative functions and supporting the many ongoing projects at the church.

Immunize for Life

Please Immunize Yourself and Your Child

Immunizations are the most effective way of protecting us from preventable and potentially dangerous diseases. For instance, Haemophilus influenza type b (Hib) is no longer the leading cause of bacterial meningitis in children. Also, if we relax our emphasis on the importance of vaccinations, the measles outbreaks that plagued us several decades ago could return. Make certain that every member of your family has received the immunizations necessary to help each individual lead the healthiest possible life. Keep yourself vaccinated so you can care for your children. Tetanus shots are administered every 10 years; Booster shots are due, Hepatitis B, HPV, and DPT are due also. Older adults should get the Shingles shots. FMI about immunizations contact the El Paso County Health Department.

Freedom 90

Using The Whole Armor of God to Achieve Economic Empowerment

Learn to manage money God’s way! Become a leader or member of a small group and work toward becoming economically empowered. More info coming soon.

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