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Our Team

Bishop Cleveland A. Thompson

EMBC Senior Pastor

Bernice Thompson

Lady of the House

Jack Samuel

Pastoral Assistant

Dawn Nicolls

Executive Assistant to Senior Pastor

Calandra Jacob

HR/Church Administrator

Darryn Chase-Ellis

Financial Assistant

Dee Samuel

Liturgical Dance Ministry

Whelmenia Mayo

New Disciples Ministry

Minister Solomon Moore

Men's Ministry

Savannah Jackson

Bereavement Ministry

Rev. William Smith

Media Ministry

Robin Rene Koonce

HIV/AIDS Ministry

Tanya Tyson

Women's Ministry Leader

Felton Crawley

Boy Scout Leader

Reverend Derric Thomas

Youth Pastor

Sandra Graham


Patricia Bauman

Medical Health (E911) Ministry

Carmen Ross

Fine Art Ministry

Karen Robinson

Culinary Ministry

Karen Hughes

Scholarship Ministry

Brenda Bell

Pastor's Partners

Robert Robinson

Custodian Lead

Kathy Elzie

Christian School Ministry

Eric Graham

Director of Operations & Visitation Ministry

Roy Bishop

Parking Ministry

Deborah Tompkins Clayton

Christian Education

Don Cross

Security Ministry

Walter Campbell

Chairman of Finance

Vick Mccoy

EMBC Usher Ministry